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Calavera’s mission is to provide active women in, on, and near the water with significantly better products at an affordable price. By bringing our line straight to our customers we bypass the retail mark-up model that puts pressure on brands to keep product costs low. Instead, at Calavera we are free to design with high quality materials, innovative technologies, and local US manufacturers. The result is a high performing, high quality product at a great price. Our designs are driven by a passion we share with millions of water women, inspiring us to create active wear that does not compromise between function and style.


 Calavera founder Anna Jerstrom


After a decade of working in the demanding investment banking environment, Anna decided to take a well deserved vacation at a surf camp in Costa Rica. Once she got a taste of surfing, she was hooked. She promptly quit her job, packed her bags, and moved full-time to the surfing destination, intent on mastering the sport.

Facing the swimwear issues every woman grapples with — tops and bottoms that won’t stay put, exacerbated by the demands of surfing — she decided to combine her business acumen and her love of the ocean to create a better bikini and Calavera was born. Since founding Calavera, Anna has applied technical and design innovations to create an expanding line of performance wear that can handle the most rigorous environments, yet is feminine and flattering enough for the most relaxed.



Calavera's goal is to pursue uncompromised quality, uncompromised performance, and to challenge the traditional designs and materials used for swimwear. As fellow water women we relentlessly seek the optimal mix of fabrics and fit while soliciting ideas and feedback from our customers along the way. All our materials are sourced in Southern California and our factory is based in Downtown Los Angeles, allowing us to be intimately involved in every step of the manufacturing process.

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